[PHOTOS] Millionaire Buried With $2m Worth Of Jewelries, Timberland And Bentley.

33-year-old Sheron Sukhdeo, a Millionaire Car dealer and real estate agent from Trinidad and Tobago, who was murdered on Monday in cold blood, was laid to rest with accessories ‘he might be needing in the afterlife.’

The father of two, who was shot multiple times in a drive by attack outside the home of relatives at Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville shortly before 9p.m on Monday March 26th, died while being treated at a hospital and according to local media, he left behind an empire worth tens of millions of dollars to his wife and kids.

Dressed in white along with his famous gold jewellery adorning his fingers, hands and neck, he was laid in a $50,000 casket which had words like ‘Sheron’s Auto’ and ‘World Boss’ inscribed in it. A pair of Timberland boots were placed in the casket near to his feet, while his trophies from various racing events were on display. Sukhdeo’s body arrived at the house in a white hearse just before 10 am, where several of his luxurious cars were seen parked. At the funeral service of the millionaire in his palatial home in Orchard Gardens, Chaguanas, hundreds turned out to mourn the business man whose funeral reflected the life he lived – luxurious vehicles, excessive gold jewellery, friends and family, loud music and a car show.

Rachael Sukhdeo, wife of slain Chaguanas businesman , Sheron Sukhdeo who was gunned down while visiting his inlaws at Charlieville. his son Sheron Scott Sukhdeo and daughter Sherona at their fathers funeral which took place at his Xavier street Chaguanas home.
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