[FUNNY] 11 Hilarious Reasons Why Women Talk So Much

Women have for long been described as chatty and loud mouthed beings.
Most of them beg to differ with the generalisation that has been passed onto them over the years.
A large number of men have stated they’d  never get hitched to a lady who speaks from morning to nightfall without giving them a moment to breathe.
Some men have admitted their wives are professional gossipers who are always meddling in other peoples business.
1. They have a lot to say.
2. They want to confuse people.
3. People who talk too much have a lot to hide.
4. Thats a trait they are born with.
5. They talk too much to balance out the relationship.
6. They like gossiping.
7. They do it to load off whatever depresses or stresses them.
8. Its the only tool of defense they have.
9. Their voices are soothing and nice to hear.
10. Men are clueless most of the time and need explanation and guidance from women.
11. A quiet woman is a schemer, women who speak a lot have nothing to hide.
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