[SHAMEFUL POLITICS] Things We See Only Before Elections In Nigeria | mp3range.com

When the vision and mission of a particular people is not clear, this is just exactly what you get. Nigeria and its citizens have to come to a point where the masses would have there say and get what they truly deserve without compromise or fear of favour and not being fooled by her political drivers taking her on the road trip which is headed towards destruction on a very high speed.

Without plenty of explanations, the pictures you are starring at right now have a whole lot to say than you are listening. This is exactly the hight of backwardness the country called Nigeria is suffering.
   You can only see and witness such display and unexplainable relationship between the politicians and the gullible and helpless masses when the elections are close and campaigns echoes are on a very high range.

More photos below…

A lot said and nothing done, Democracy is really crying for this sinking country and every well meaning practitioner of Democracy is asking… WHICH WAY NIGERIA???

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