[SEE VIDEO] Heavy Fire Burning A Russian Plane Fully Loaded With Passengers While Running On The Run-Way | nicepec.com

This ugly incident occurred On Sunday the 5th of may 2019. It was reported that this Russian Airplane had issues in the and went ablaze, the pilot had to make an Emergency Landing, before the plane could have landed, slowed down and the door was opened for the passengers to come, the aircraft had burned from the tail to the middle. People can be seen running out of the plane for the safety of their lives and from the nature of the fire, this accident must have taken a lot of souls to their early grave. Thank God for those who survived…
   Scary incidents happening this days and lives been taken untimely, we really pray that God Almighty should look down on us and show forth his eyes of guidance and protection upon his children… Amen!!!

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