[SHOCKING NEWS] Banks To Charge Individuals 150K & Companies 240K For Depositing and Withdrawal Of #3million | Nicepec.Com

This is what you have to pay for your N3m in and out of the bank with the CBN new charges….

  • As an Individual you withdraw N3m for 3% you will pay bank 90k
  • As an individual you deposit N3m for 2%, you will pay bank 60k
  • As a company you withdraw N3m for 5%, you will pay bank N150k
  • As a company you deposit N3m for 3%, you pay bank 90k

For your N3m as an individual in and out of the bank will cost you total of 150k

And for a company, your 3M in and out of the bank will cost you 240k.

Question: Will you put your money in the bank?

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